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Healthcare Case Studies

Representative samples of successful program/project management and leadership case studies with clients operating within the Healthcare Industry.

Large East Coast Healthcare System - Led an ERP and BI Support Structure Assessment project.  The client is nearing the end of their primary implementation of PeopleSoft and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Solution across their multiple business units. The client team supported the PeopleSoft human resources & payroll, finance, supply chain, and portal/integration hub functionality, along with supporting other 3rd party systems that provide time and attendance, recruiting, warehousing, and business intelligence/reporting capabilities through two separate teams: Business-led analysts who perform troubleshooting and configuration activities, and an IT-led team of technical analysts during the implementation.  The client's objectives for the Assessment Project were to understand how best to structure ERP operational support to cost effectively meet customers’ service level expectations post implementation, taking into account leading practices and industry trends.  The evaluation included analyzing alternatives that either align functional support with the Business while continuing to collaborate with IT for technical support or consolidate functional and technical support within Information Technology or the Business  The project also included a recommendation on the mix of services, if any, that will be provided by co-source, 3rd party provider.

Large West Coast Medical Center - Project Manager for the Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) Implementation Assessment Project.  The scope of the project included evaluating the status of the deliverables completed to-date, assessing the team's ability to complete the deliverables within the desired timeframes, and developing a resource loaded project plan and timeline to complete the project.  The project also included developing a post implementation support structure and corresponding roles and responsibilities and creating a communications and organizational change management plan to facilitate the transition from implementation to post production support. 

Large East Coast Hospital System - Project Manager for a PeopleSoft financials, supply chain and HCM business process assessment at this large hospital system.  The project scope included evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the functionality in place, identifying gaps and process bottlenecks, outlining the delivered PeopleSoft functionality available in the current and new images that can be implemented to improve business and streamline business processes, summarizing process and systems improvements, and developing a resource loaded project plan and timeline to implement recommendations.  

Project Manager for a PeopleSoft v9.2 Release 19 to 27 PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) project for a Large Healthcare Network. Project Scope included the update of the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Project Costing, Grants Management, Cash Management, Lease Management, eProcurement, Purchasing, and Inventory business processes and application functionality and retrofit of over 30 in-house applications and 3rd Party administrative and patient care systems to align with the new Release 27 functionality.  Led the planning, design, and upgrade efforts associated with the implementation of required changes associated with the PUM update between Release19 and 27 along with over 10 process improvement and functionality enhancements associated with the new release. Tailored proprietary repeatable functional, technical, change management, and project/program management methodology, process, templates, and tools that the client will use as a guide to perform future PUM update projects.  Coached and collaborated with the client team members while they expanded their skills and experiences performing update projects. Created and implemented a proprietary automated test execution and management tool built within PeopleTools that leverages the PeopleSoft Test Framework to support system, integration, user acceptance, and test move to production testing efforts.  Led the creation/tailoring of over 400 PeopleSoft Test Framework test scripts that were used to streamline and automate the testing process during the current update project.

The PeopleSoft financials, grants, supply chain, human capital, payroll, and portal shared services implementation and integration project at a large, multi-entity not-for-profit healthcare system.  Eliminated redundant associate time-keeping systems leveraging the PeopleSoft human capital management solution.  Streamlined financial business processes by integrating PeopleSoft with Perceptive Software’s ImageNow imaging solution to electronically scan invoice images and route via PeopleSoft workflow for coding and approval.  Improved regulatory compliance by deploying an integrated pre and post-award grants management solution to support the organizations research institute.  Implemented a new PeopleSoft post-production application management support function that leveraged onsite and offshore resources.

Large East Coast Children Medical Center - Led the ERP program review to assess performance and competency in key areas: Governance, Change Leadership, Project Management, Design / Build / Test, Technology, and Activation and Transition.  The Client recently completed an effort to implement Kronos timekeeping and re-implement PeopleSoft HCM to take full advantage of the software capabilities.  The client asked us to evaluate its implementation and understand the lessons learned from the effort.  The approach included gathering information through document review and key stakeholder interviews and summarizing results into strengths, observations, and challenges..  The team presented lessons learned, opportunities and recommendations to executive sponsors for consideration.  

Large East Coast Healthcare System.  Project Manager for the Human Capital Management (HCM) Systems Assessment project with this large healthcare system.  The scope of the project included documenting and prioritizing HCM key functional requirements, defining the evaluation/selection criteria, and assessing the candidate ERP vendors: PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, and Workday against the prioritized requirements; and conducting vendor reference calls.   The team presented the evaluation results and next steps implementation plan to leadership.  

Large Midwestern Healthcare System - Project Manager for the financials, treasury, and supply chain management executive workshop and systems assessment project for this large healthcare system. The project scope included a review of business practices and business related issues, evaluation of the existing PeopleSoft production configuration, assessment of the PUM image functionality available to can meet the clients needs not currently met, and present the client leadership with recommendations potential process improvements and associated PeopleSoft functionality that can be implemented to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency.  

Large East Coast Medical Center - Project Manager for a PeopleSoft financials, supply chain and human capital management upgrade project at this large east coast medical center.  The scope included developing a resource loaded project plan and schedule to implement the latest PeopleSoft PUM images within the clients environment and developing a staffing model to complete the upgrade.  

Project Manager leading a PeopleSoft v9.2 FSCM and HCM Taleo, and Kronos Assessment project. Project Scope included the update of the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Project Costing, Grants, Contracts, Treasury, eProcurement, Purchasing, Inventory,  Recruiting, Human Resources, Benefits, Compensation, Performance Management, Time Entry, and Payroll business processes and application functionality. Developed update/upgrade strategy & timeframe to implement PeopleSoft Upgrade Manager (PUM) image updates moving forward. Developed prioritized list of recommendations to improve business processes through the use of new functionality available within the latest PUM image of each application suite.

A full life cycle Lawson financials and supply chain upgrade and implementation of the requisition self-service functionality and grants management applications at a large research healthcare organization.  The organization upgraded the general ledger, activities, billing, receivables, assets, accounts payable, matching, lease management, requisition, purchase order, and inventory control functionality.  The project also included the implementation of the requisition self service capabilities, the deployment of portals for the research and hospital requestors and departmental end users, the development of custom Smartnotes providing the key financial and research administration information to end users, creation of new interfaces with the Integral human resources and payroll system and the GAMS pre-award system, and implementation of the Lawson grants, activities, contracts, billing, receivables, human resources, labor distribution, and effort reporting foundation functionality to support the research administration requirements of the organization.

The Project Director that developed a implementation plan and lead the implementation of Lawson’s grants management suite of applications to support a large research hospital. The implementation included Lawson’s grants, activities, contracts, billing, receivables, human resources, payroll, time and attendance, labor distribution, and effort reporting functionality. The project included the redesign of the research portion of a Business Objects Universe to provide research related reporting to the end users within the research community.   

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